Wright Robotics – Autonomous Temperature Screener

Gatekeeper: Individual temperature screener at a range of up to 6ft

Product Terms

Base Price $2960.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $2900.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $60.00
Individual Temperature Screener (from 3ft) $2960.00
3 Person Temperature Screener (from 3-5ft) $10106.00
8 Person Temperature Screener (from 26ft) $17375.00
Individual Temperature Screener (from 3ft) $2960.00
3 Person Temperature Screener (from 3-5ft) $10106.00
8 Person Temperature Screener (from 26ft) $17375.00
$2960.00 Total before taxes and shipping


The Wright Robotics Gatekeeper solution provides temperature screening for individuals, with automated high-temperature alerts and instant snapshot features upon detection. Contactless, non-invasive, rapid multi-point temperature detection within 0.5 seconds, with a scan range of up to 6ft. The solution set up is incredibly quick — simply connect the device to your WiFi network to start screening.

What the Product Can Do

  • Rapid, contactless high-temperature screening
  • Screen one person at a time
  • Provide high-temperature warnings and optional instant snapshot after detection of individuals exhibiting higher than normal temperature
  • Scan up to 120 people per minute

What the Product Can’t Do

  • Be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition

Key Advantages

  • Group Thermal Temperature Monitoring – Ideal usage in small to medium offices
  • Easy to Setup & Operate – Compact device with easy installation and setup, with minimal maintenance
  • Contactless Operation – Fast, non-invasive, contactless operation and detection one person at a time
  • Remote Streamlined Operation with reduced staff overhead, eliminating close contact during detection
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Detection – Accuracy from ±0.5 °F or ±0.3 °C with real-time display and warning, with near-instant temperature detection

Use Cases

  • Small to medium offices
  • Retail shops
  • School facilities
  • Community centers

No Medical Use: this product is not intended for any medical or health-related uses, nor has it been approved by the FDA. This device is intended for adjunctive use within medical applications that have been approved by the FDA. The device must not be used as a stand-alone medical test. This Product cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Wright Robotics - Gatekeeper Screener

The Wright Robotics Gatekeeper is an AI-enhanced infrared temperature monitoring device. This device can provide triage and initial temperature screening for groups of people whose temperatures are above the normal extent and provide high-temperature warnings after detection.

Application scenarios include remote enterprise offices, retail shops, community centers, schools, and more.

Wright Robotics - Gatekeeper Software

Product Features:

  • Portable and compact device with flexible installation and easy setup, allowing for quick location changes and usage in a variety of entry and exit scenarios
  • Fast and highly accurate single-point temperature detection of one person at a time, at a speed of 0.5 seconds per scan
  • Fast login & background management
  • Real-time alarm data & data report presentation
  • Secure data and cloud-based big data platform to analyze a basic set of data (optional based on network security conditions)
  • AI deep learning algorithm based on a neural network provides higher accuracy and a lower false warning rate
  • 1-year standard limited warranty

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