Sprint Restaurant and Food Services Temperature Monitoring

Walk-in, Cooler, Freezer and Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

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24/7 Automated Temperature Monitoring Protection

Food storage temperature monitoring is vital for food freshness. Maintain proper temperatures and reduce risk of costly spoilage while maintaining HACCP compliance with accurate temperature record keeping. Effortlessly monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive alerts should any readings fall out of range.

Keeping track from anywhere you are has never been easier with our user-friendly iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

What’s Included

  • Temperature and humidity sensor to place in refrigeration units
  • Waterproof temperature probe
  • Plug-and-play gateway

Add additional sensors and gateways for monitoring larger scale food operations.


  • Long range wireless sensors
    Superior wireless range for temperature monitoring facilities of any size.
  • Low power long life
    Sensors with low power consumption providing 3-5 year battery life depending on environmental conditions.
  • Food Safety Reports and HACCP Compliance Logs
    Automatically records and stores temperature for reports and logs.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Identify freezers and fridges that have problems before equipment failure.
  • Actionable alerts
    Complete peace of mind when problems arise. Receive text message and email alerts to protect assets around the clock.
  • Sensor Maps
    Visualize placement of sensors, their readings and their location to quickly identify issues.
  • Manage Large Scale Operations
    Manage one or hundreds of locations.
  • Secure Data Encryption
    Embedded AES-128 bit encryption.
  • Meets Federal Record Keeping Requirements
    Code of Federal Regulations, CFR21 electronic data compliance, CDC, FDA, HACCP and USDA.

Perfect for

  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Walk-ins
  • Coolers
  • Salad Bar
  • LowBoy
  • Ice Cream Case
  • Raw Bar
  • Mobile Refrigeration Units

BZ Sensors Cellular Gateway

24/7 Remote Monitoring

BZ Gateway (Cellular) uses LoRaWAN technology to connect over 100 low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in harsh environments that were previously too challenging or cost-prohibitive to connect. With its long range, high penetration and high sensitivity capabilities, it is a much more cost effective way to remotely monitor and control.

What’s Included:

  • Celluar Gateway with external LoraWan antenna
  • Cellular Antenna
  • 5VDC Power

Easy setup

Connect cellular antenna, LoraWan antenna and power to start sending and receiving data from sensors.  BZ’s plug-and-play gateway is pre-configured to send data automatically with Sprint IoT Factory. All data is sent using AES-128 Data Encryption.

AES-128 Encryption

Sprint Solution sensors sends all data using AES-128 encryption. Security is maintained at all communication points from sensor to gateway and back.

Perfect For:

  • Restaurants and Food Services
  • Grocery and Convenience Stores
  • Meat Packing
  • School Cafeterias
  • Perishable Food Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy/Labs
  • Greenhouses
  • Fish Farms / Aquacultre
  • Rodent Control
  • Air Quality
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Apartments and Renetals
  • Residential Properties
  • Foreclosed Properties
  • Storage Facilities
  • Metering
  • Any other indoor remote monitoring location

Sprint 24/7 Restaurant Monitoring & Support

Your solution Sprint Restaurant and Food Services Temperature Monitoring includes Sprint 24/7 Restaurant Monitoring & Support.

Dragino Temperature and Humidity Sensor w/ Probe

  • Plug-and-play gateway included to provide long range coverage in a wide range of indoor facilities. Combines the technology of the LTE network and robustness of the LoRa Radio Network to deliver a single connection point for wireless networks.
  • A gateway plugged in a standard indoor environment covers up to a 1000 ft radius.

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