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Gen-Tracker MBX for Commercial/Industrial

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$800.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Offers a dedicated RS-485 connection for Modbus enabled controllers to provide all your major faults and alarms, detailed reporting and more. Primarily commercial and industrial applications.

The Gen-Tracker MBX Series is the perfect fit for Commercial and Industrial applications with existing and newer generators. Receive notifications of generator functions, exercises, outages, and failures. Get automated and detailed reports for generator run conditions and monthly activity to help ensure that you stay in compliance with local emissions regulations and load shedding programs.

Compatible Generator Controllers:

  • DGC 2020 (MTU, Blue Star, Taylor, Basler)
  • EMCP 4.2 (CAT)
  • DEC 550     (Kohler)
  • DEC 3000  (Kohler)
  • DEC 6000  (Kohler)
  • PCC 2100 (Cummins)
  • PCC 1.x (Cummins)
  • PCC 2.x (Cummins)
  • PCC 3.x (Cummins)

Hardware must be installed by a generator service professional.

Gen-Tracker Generator Monitoring

Gen-Tracker MBX-485
Operating Voltage 12-24 VDC
Connection Cellular
Generator Data Link RS-485

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