Codeproof® Mobile Device Management Bundle

LTE Tablet secured by Codeproof MDM Software Bundle

Product Terms

Base Price $164.99
1 Time Hardware Cost $155.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $9.99
$164.99 Total before taxes and shipping


A modern enterprise mobility management software that enables businesses to easily secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on company-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) mobile devices. Codeproof offers an integrated BYOD security and mobile management platform built on top of Amazon’s elastic cloud stack for maximum scalability and security. Product feature include MDM, MAM, Enterprise AppStore, Mobile Kiosk, Data usage monitoring, Distracted driving and Geofencing solutions. For more visit

Why Codeproof?

Codeproof is a cloud-based, field-proven enterprise security and mobility management solution, fully featured for large enterprise installations, with easy-to-learn Management capabilities, ideal for SMB and/or Enterprise customers alike.

  • Simple to Use – The modern cloud interface makes it easy to manage a large group of devices.
  • Fast – Instant policy update from centralized dashboard and quick device enrollment.
  • Extensive policies – The modern tab-based policy editor makes it easy to manage hundreds of policies.
  • Data Security – The Codeproof platform focuses on data security and data leakage prevention.
  • Pay per use – Purchase licenses as you grow your business. No upfront commitment required.
  • Patented Technology – The Codeproof mobile security technology is patented in the United States (U.S. Patent No. 9,083,752).
  • Personal Customer support – Codeproof offers the best customer support in the EMM industry according to the CIO Magazine.
  • Ranked as #1 Android MDM in 2019 by  Business Edge Magazine.

Key Codeproof Differentiators

  1. Most extensive MDM feature set for both Enterprise (IT-supported plus advanced features) and SMB implementations.
    1. Support for ALL device mfg. phones, including LG, Kyocera, Motorola, Apple, Samsung,
      • No need to train sales on unsupported device exceptions, we support EVERY device! current carrier sales orgs LOVE recommending Codeproof because of this. We work every time.
      • LG developed unique APIs, specifically provided for Codeproof advanced feature deployment (like disabling cameras and recording capabilities in secure environments)
    2. Full iOS and Android support via native API set as well as extended, unique features only supported by Codeproof.
    3. Codeproof has been called on numerous times to fix/replace top-tier MDM solutions when devices could not be made to work. Other carriers are offering Codeproof as an alternative to address compatibility issues, and many sales regions have begun leading with Codeproof, given the TOC and ease of implementation and very rapid UI learning curve for support staff.
  2. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for any MDM SMB and/or Enterprise solution.
    1. Highly competitive PRICING and pay as you go model.
    2. Pre-sales Support: Codeproof resources support carrier sales and customers to close the sale, then provides initial device onboarding at no cost to get SMB and Enterprise customers familiar with the platform and self-sufficient, keeping costs as low as possible given limited internal IT staff.
    3. Minimal Post-sales support costs for SMB and/or Enterprise customers; Pay-as-you-go, $99/support incident post-sales support costs, so only pay for what you need…no big upfront support contracts.
    4. Intuitive Platform Management User Interface – Codeproof broke away for the common UI approach in established MDM platforms, creating a more intuitive UI for onboarding and simplifying complex MDM policy setting and onboarding. Strong advantage for SMB customers, but Enterprise IT staff find Codeproof much easier to learn and become proficient in.

Platform Features at High Level

  1. Android Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Integrated with Android Enterprise, Samsung KNOX and LG MDM frameworks.
  • Supports work profile container for managing employee owned BYOD devices.
  • Compatible with various OEMs including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Alcatel, Sony, Lenovo, Nokia, Sonim, and many more device brands.
  1. Apple Device Management

The Codeproof platform fully supports Apple device enrollment program and enterprise apps distribution with integration of Apple Business Manager (formerly known as DEP & VPP).

  1. BYOD and Workspace Container

The Codeproof platform supports work space container and work profile management for employee owned devices.

  1. Kiosk Mode

The Codeproof Kiosk mode allows admins to block unwanted apps on employee devices. As a result, end-users can only launch the admin-allowed apps from the custom home screen Kiosk mode. The feature also allows admins to set the custom background logo and branding information remotely from the Codeproof dashboard.

  1. Application Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Enable or disable only a specific set of apps installed on the device.

  1. Secure Browser

The Secure Browser app limits Web browsing to websites allowed by admins from the cloud dashboard. Admins can block websites based on URL or keywords. Secure Browser also blocks advertisement and malicious websites. All the browser features are remotely managed from the Codeproof dashboard for the entire group of enrolled devices.

  1. Usage and Expense Management

The Codeproof platform offers data and call usage analytics capabilities, including monitoring and restricting data usage on multiple devices.

  1. Location Tracking and Geofencing

Remotely monitor the physical location of devices and get notified when the device enters/exits specified geographical regions.

  1. Configure WiFi, Email and VPN

Remotely configure WiFi, Email, and VPN settings on the device.

  1. Password Policy and Encryption

Enable strong passcode policies and storage encryption on the device.

  1. Distracted Driving Solution

The Codeproof restricts making of phone calls and texting while the devices are inside the moving vehicle.

  1. Reporting

Codeproof platform offers various apps and device inventory reports.

Perfect for

  • Warehouse workers
  • Field based staff
  • Agriculture
  • Technical Engineers
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Schools and Non-profits

LG GPad Tablet

  • Plug-and-play gateway included to provide long range coverage in a wide range of indoor facilities. Combines the technology of the LTE network and robustness of the LoRa Radio Network to deliver a single connection point for wireless networks.
  • A gateway plugged in a standard indoor environment covers up to a 1000 ft radius.

Codeproof Mobile Device Management Software

Your solution Codeproof® Mobile Device Management Bundle includes Codeproof Mobile Device Management Software.

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